New! VIP-50 Auto Focus HD Digital Microscope


Non-Fatigue Inspection with Auto Focus HD Microscope

The latest microscope camera technology delivers revolutionary fast auto focus and 1080p Full HD for ergonomic and hand-free inspection. The tedious and fatigue inspection under microscope has become easier with auto focusing and great depth of focus for assembly and inspection of electronic and medical device applications. Not only easy on your eyes, the system is also affordable for your budget.


Macro Zoom 1x-50x Fast Auto Focus 1080p Full HD with Great Depth of Field Capture Images & Video

Auto Focus in Action


$2,950+ price range Get Price Quote


Auto Focus for Hand-Free Inspection

  • Auto Focus camera for hand free and fast inspection
  • Switch between Auto Focus, Manual Focus, and One-Step Auto Focus
  • Select different sizes of region for auto focusing algorithm


Ergonomic Inspection at its best

  • Are you tired of looking through microscope eye pieces?
  • Are you tired of focusing constantly to get microscope in focus?
  • Are you fatigued by eye strain and neck pain?



1920x1080p Full HD Image for Real-Time Viewing

  • Direct viewing High Definition 1920x1080p full HD at 60 frames per second
  • Ergonomic, non-fatigue inspection for productivity
  • Perfect for group viewing, training and video conference
  • HDMI output



Macro Zoom 1x – 50x with Extra Long Working Distance

  • Japanese made optic
  • 1x – 50x Continuous Optical Zoom
    • (viewing area from 4″ to 0.1″)
  • Working Distance from 6″ to Infinity
  • Parfocal over entire zoom range
  • 18 – 108 mm with manual zoom, focus and iris
  • Perfect for medical device, PCB soldering and reworking, industrial inspection




Capture Images and video to micro SD card

  • Built-In micro SD card for capturing images and video for documentation
  • One mouse click to save image to micro SD card (included)
  • No need to connect with computer

Sample Images



User Friendly Interface

  • Onscreen Menu with Mouse Control for Camera Setting
  • LED Light Intensity Control
  • Zoom Lens Iris Control
  • AF-2 Camera with HDMI output, TF (micro SD) card for memory, USB for mouse, and power




Perfect Inspection Tool for Medical Devices, PCB Soldering and Reworking




  • soldering rework
  • medical device inspection
  • general QC inspection without eye strain
  • ergonomic assembly under microscope
  • images capture for documentation
  • medical device
  • surface mount technology
  • coil winding
  • materials research
  • long working distance requirement




  • Auto Focus 1080p HD camera for ergonomic real-time inspection & assembly
  • 1x to 50x zoom with long working distance (6″+)
  • Long working distance for easy soldering and freedom to maneuver under scope for assembly inspection
  • Great depth of field for easy focusing
  • Capture image to micro SD without a computer
  • LED Ring Light with Intensity Control
  • Macro Zoom Lens 1x-50x
    • IRIS (Aperture) control for adjusting depth of field
    • Zoom adjustment
    • Focus adjustment
    • Japanese optic



VIP-50-AF with different stand options



  • Macro Zoom 1x-50x
  • Auto Focus HD Camera 1920x1080p Full HD
  • LED Ring Light with intensity control
  • Multi-position and multi tilting angle gliding boom stand for large PCB and parts over 10″




  • Macro Zoom 1x-50x
  • Auto Focus HD Camera
  • LED Ring Light
  • Track stand with LED back lighting for medical devices and machining parts under 10″ size




  • Macro Zoom 1x-50x
  • Auto Focus HD Camera
  • LED Ring Light
  • Compact Post Stand with focus block, for limited work space and part size under 10″




  • Optional 24″ desktop HD LCD monitor



  • Optional 12″ Retina HD LCD (1920x1080p) with flexible mount for any position and any angle viewing




VIP-50-AF System


AF-2 Camera Auto Focus 1080p HD Camera with HDMI outputs
LCD-24 24″ Desktop HD LCD 1920x1080p, HDMI & VGA input (optional)
LCD-12 12″ Ultra Sharp HD LCD 1920x1080p for mounting on boom stand (optional)
L12-360 mount 360° flexible mount kit for LCD-12 offers 360° flexible adjustment for any angle viewing and U clamp mount to Post Stand, Boom Stand, and Table
Memory Storage micro SD card for image and video capturing without a computer
Zoom Lens 1x to 50x with long working distance 5″ to 12″
Lighting LED ring light with intensity control
Boom Stand (BS) Multi angle tilting, swivel, and multi position boom stand with weight base
Track Stand (TSBL) Track Stand with LED Back Lighting and Focus Block, for size 10″ or smaller
LCD Requirements 1920x1080p HD LCD with HDMI input
Power Requirements 110-220V
Warranty One Year Warranty

VIP-50 Zoom Lens Specifications

Working Distance High Mag (H x V) in mm Low Mag (H x V) in mm
5″ 5.8 x 4.4 35 x 26.3
6″ 7.3 x 5.5 43.8 x 32.9
7″ 8.7 x 6.6 42.6 x 39.4
8″ 10.2 x 7.7 61.3 x 46
9″ 11.7 x 8.8 70.1 x 52.6
10″ 13.1 x 9.9 78.8 x 59.1
11″ 14.6 x 11 87.6 x 65.7
12″ 16.1 x 12 96.4 x 72.3



$2,950+ price range Get Price Quote


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