3D Solder Paste Inspection Measurement System


3D solder paste inspection measurement system

$8,000 Price Range Get Price Quote


Low cost, off-line 3D SPI system supports multiple SMT lines for inspecting solder paste printing.

SPI-200-3D will improve your product yield and meet your customer requirement with affordable budget.

Same measuring technique as high end automated in-line SPI system.

  • 3D SPI off-line, entry level
  • Powerful 3D real-time view of solder paste
  • Zoom 30x – 200x
  • Inspection and measurement of solder joints, components, traces, pads, holes, and BGA
  • Versatile, 3-in-1 system, economical


Laser Light Triangulation Method

for solder paste inspection & height measurement

laser triangulation for solder paste height inspection

laser triangulation for solder paste height inspection

Easy to use, NO training required, Ready to implement

  • Simple mouse clicks to get results FAST
  • Economic, off-line, bench-top unit that supports multiple SMT lines
  • Save measurements with image, and export measurement results to Excel
  • One USB2.0 connection to your Windows computer, install software, and ready to use



3D Solder Paste View, Real Time



3D rotational viewing lens included for

  • Solder Inspection
  • 3D BGA Inspection
  • Soldering Rework
90 degree view into BGA and 360 rotation

90 degree view into BGA and 360 rotation




SPI-200-3D specifications

SPI-200-3D specifications



Related SPI Systems

SPM-300-3D: Manual Solder Paste Inspection System, $10,000 range.

SPI-3000-Auto3D: Automated Solder Paste Inspection System, bench-top off-line, $35,000 range.



$8,000 Price Range Get Price Quote


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