CX-3000 3D rotational HD digital microscope inspection measurement system

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CX-3000 3D Motorized Rotational Digital Microscope offers advanced optic design, precision machining, and the latest SONY megapixel digital camera sensor or 1080p HD camera for vivid 3D live images which surpass optical microscope in image quality, depth of field, and capabilities.

Perfect for detailed inspection of SMT solder joint, medical device, machining & materials, the system is capable of measurement and documentation with a simple mouse click. With 360° rotational viewing at 35º angle, the microscopic world comes alive on your computer screen.

Capturing image and video to share with your customers or vendors for discussion, incorporating images into Word Doc for workmanship standard, CX-3000 offers endless possibilities for your vision inspection, documentation, and measurement needs.


Key Features

  • 3D 360º rotational view with 35º oblique angle viewing
  • Optional 25°, 45º, 55º oblique angle view adapter
  • Straight view 0º
  • Powerful Zoom 50x – 300x with detents
  • Adapter lens to expand to 100x-600x
  • High resolution image with great depth of field
  • Interchangeable lens design for expanded zoom (1x to maximum 4,000x)
  • Integrated LED illumination with adjustable intensity
  • 1080p HD 6MP camera with HDMI, USB2.0 dual outputs and SD card for capturing images & video without a computer
  • or Sony CCD 2MP USB camera with direct connection to comptuer
  • Capturing image as jpg, bmp, or tif
  • Capturing video as mpg or avi
  • Measurement Software for dimensional measurement included
  • Mount to multi tilting angle, swivel, multi position boom stand
  • or mount to compact post stand with XY stage
  • Low Cost, User Friendly, easy to operate, robust and low maintenance


Application Images

SMT solder joint inspection lifted lead

through hole inspection of side wall

J lead inspection for crack


Application YouTube Video





Model Configurations

  • CX-3000-HD60-BS: CX-3000 with Auto-Focus 6MP HD/USB camera & boom stand
  • CX-3000-HD60-TSBL: CX-3000 with Auto-Focus 6MP HD/USB camera & track stand LED backlighting
  • CX-3000-HD60-PS: CX-3000 with Auto-Focus 6MP HD/USB camera & post stand