How to Compare and Select a Microscope for Rework


Which is the right microscope for rework? There is no quick answer to that question because many new camera technologies and traditional eyepiece microscopes are available for the tasks of rework and inspection today. However, there are some important factors to consider, such as working distance, magnification, and documentation. Some may consider using the same microscope for other applications like dimensional measurement, 3D viewing, and higher magnification works.


Working Distance

An effective rework microscope should have a long working distance so that your hands can move freely and work under the microscope. That means it should have 3”-4” minimum working distance for comfortable hand maneuverability. Typically, a 10x-40x zoom is a plenty for reworking. The choices are between viewing through two eyepieces and on the LCD through the camera image. The modern HD camera sensor yields an ultra-high-resolution image, so it is as sharp as what our eyes see nowadays.


Personal Preference and Other Applications

Some people prefer the camera image and some through eyepieces, it’s truly a personal preference. The other considerations are if you will use the microscope for inspection, capturing images, recording videos, or measuring dimensions. Perhaps you like to connect the microscope to a large LCD for training and conference, or the computer for more image analysis. The choices are yours and only limited by your imagination.


Quick Comparison

Below is a quick summary of different microscope models suitable for rework, including the camera system, the traditional eyepiece microscopes, and the expandable Auto-Focus system for a thorough review.


Model BX3-HD AF-HD SZ-45 LX-100
Zoom 4x-55x 6x-130x 6x-45x 15x-100x
Working Distance Variable 1.2″ to 14.5″ Variable 1″ to 18″ 4″+ 4″+
Eye Pieces No No Yes No
Camera Resolution 3.5MP 2 MP NA 6MP
Camera Outputs HDMI and USB HDMI NA HDMI and USB
Focus Manual Focus Auto Focus Manual Focus Auto Focus
3D Rotational View No No No Yes
Display 12.5″ LCD included Optional 24″ LCD NA 12″ or 24″ LCD
Capture Image/Video SD Card NA NA SD Card
Connect to Computer Yes Optional NA Yes
Measurement on Computer Optional NA on LCD and Computer
Price $795 $995 $1,500+ $3,000+
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