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How to Select an LCD Microscope?

The latest CMOS development has made the camera image as sharp as what we see through human eyes. Coupled with new auto-focus function and ultra-sharp Retina display, LCD microscopes have made inspection more ergonomic and easier than a traditional stereo microscope. Most LCD microscopes allow image and video capturing to either Micro SD or SD card. Many come with dimensional measurements on LCD with a mouse click or on the computer with the included software.

While selecting a proper LCD microscope for your application may be daunting. It is not that complicated at all if you ask the right questions. Below are some questions to help you narrow down what the best model is for your work.

Questions to Ask

  • How much magnification do I need to see my parts?
  • Will I need to take a picture or video for documentation of the defect?
  • Will I like to measure the dimensions of the object?
  • Will the Auto-Focusing camera be useful for my inspection?

Additional Questions

  • Will the 3D Rotational viewing help visualize the part feature?
  • Will I need high power magnification to see the micron feature?
  • Will the “image stacking” for a perfect-focused image be helpful for my analysis?
  • Will the “photo stitching” to create an ultra-high-resolution image be useful?

Summary Overview

Here is a quick summary of LCD microscopes with the feature highlights for an easy overview.


Model BX3 EX80 VIP50 LX100
Camera Resolution 3.5MP (2,304 x 1,536) 3.5MP (2,304 x 1,536) 6MP (3264 x 1836) 6MP (3264 x 1836)
Auto-Focusing Manual Manual Auto Auto
Camera Outputs HDMI & USB. 30FPS. HDMI & USB. 30FPS. HDMI & USB. 60FPS. HDMI & USB. 60FPS.
LCD Display 12.5″ 12.5″ or 24″ 12″ or 24″ 12″ or 24″
Capturing Photo/Video Micro SD Micro SD SD Card SD Card
Measurement on USB on USB on HDMI & USB on HDMI & USB
Software Measurement Measurement
  • Measurement
  • Image Stacking (Perfect Focus)
  • Photo Stitching
  • Measurement
  • Image Stacking (Perfect Focus)
  • Photo Stitching
Zoom Magnification 4x to 55x 10x to 80x 1x to 50x 15x to 100x Detents
Expandable Zoom NO NO NO 4x to 2,000x 
3D Rotational View NO NO NO YES
Illumination LED Ring Light LED Ring Light
  • LED Ring Light
  • Back Light opt.
  • LED Ring Light
  • Coaxial Light opt.
  • Back Light opt.
Working Distance Variable 1.2″ to 14.5″ 4″+ 6″+ 4″+
Price Range $795 $1,500 $3,000+ $3,000+
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After reviewing the summary table, if you feel you need to see a product demonstration, we are glad to arrange a demo online via Zoom or Google Meet. Please contact us for the date/time arrangement by phone (949) 788-0101 or email:



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