VMS-845AZ Vision Measuring System with Auto Focus Z height measurement

XYZ video measurement video comparator system with high power & auto focus for Z height measuring

Automatic Z height measurement by Auto Focusing

High precision automatic Z height measuring system by non-contact auto focusing method. Manual XY and motorized Z with auto-focus is perfect for wire bond loop height measurement and any Z height or depth measurement with high accuracy.

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  • Wire bond height measurement
  • Bare printed circuit board (PCB) pad height measurement
  • Any Height and Depth measurement for critical tolerance
  • Z axis measurement by non-contact auto focusing
  • Manual XY measurements for point-to-point, XY, diameter, radius, angle, area, concentric, path length.


High resolution image

wafer wire bond 1

VMS-845AZ is powerful XYZ 3-axis manual video measuring system. Manual XY CMM measuring machine capability, plus motorized Z-axis with auto-focus to measure Z height precisely. 1.4M CCD digital camera captures rich color and sharp image and it improves the sub-pixel accuracy and throughput.


Auto Focus for Z measurement

The system uses DMS-3000 dimensional measurement and imaging software. The software is designed for manual video measuring system with edge detection and part programming. It provides full vision CMM measuring capability and is easy-to-operate. The stage mapping capability greatly improves the system measurement accuracy. The software also provides broad imaging functions to have a value added on the system.



Key Features

  • 1.4 Mega Pixel (1360×1024) Color digital camera
  • 8 x 4 x 5 inch XYZ travel
  • 1 um encoder on XY and 0.2 um encoder on Z
  • Auto Focus on Z axis
  • Navitar 6.5X detent zoom 0.75x-4.5x, magnification 30x-200x, 90mm WD
  • High Power 10x Infinity Objective Lens included for high magnification 300x-2,000x, 15mm WD
  • Manual LED ring, Coaxial light and back light
  • Software Measurement with DRO
  • Dell or HP computer with 22 inch LCD & Windows 7 OS
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Infinity High Power Objective Lenses

Infinity High Power Objective Lenses






Customized system available upon request

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