Trinocular Stereo Zoom HD Digital USB Microscope STZ-45

Caltex Retina Display 1920x1080 Full HD USB SD ruler mouse

1080p Full HD, Retina Display, SD card, USB, Measurement

$3,000 price range Get Price Quote

3D Stereoscopic Binocular Microscope Inspection

Best of both worlds –  Eye viewing and HD camera LCD display at the same time

Stereo zoom microscope with trinocular 1080p HD camera viewing

Stereo zoom microscope for eye inspection

1080p HD camera microscope video inspection

1080p HD camera and 24″ HD LCD for ergonomic inspection and group viewing

STZ-45 TRUE trinocular stereo zoom microscope offers direct binocular viewing with both eye pieces and 1080p Full HD ergonomic inspection camera BOTH at the same time, all the time.

  • High Eye Point, Wide Field Viewing, 45º inclined observation tubes for ergonomic
  • Standard Zoom 6x to 45x, expand to 2x to 270x
  • Eye Pieces of 10x, 15x, 20x, 25x, 30x to choose from
  • All inclusive microscope, LED ring light, boom stand, HD USB camera, and Software


1080p Full HD Camera & Ultra Sharp Retina Display for Ergonomic

STZ-45 is the best inspection solution for optical microscope and 1080p Full HD camera inspection combined, never need to settle for 2nd best. You can connect with any desktop LCD with HDMI, connect with any computers with USB2.0, or connect with our Ultra Sharp 12″ HD Retina Display.

  • Ultra Sharp HD 12″ Retina Display at Direct Line of Sight
  • 1920 x 1080p Full HD at 60 frames per second Real-Time, no frame lagging
  • Perfect for Ergonomic Inspection and Group Viewing
  • Capturing and Measuring functions included
  • Competitive pricing
STZ-45-HD60L12-BS stereo zoom digital USB microscope with HD camera and retina display

Ultra Sharp 12″ HD Retina Display at Direct Line of Sight viewing


Measurements included

Direct measurements on LCD screen without a computer

  • Dimensional Measurement of what you see
  • Easy to use, intuitive, simple mouse click for measuring
  • Perform measurements directly on LCD screen without computer
  • Or perform measuremnets on computer with included software

Easy to use with mouse clicks to measure all dimensions:

  • XY linear distance
  • Parallel lines distance
  • Perpendicular distance from a point to a line
  • Radius
  • Diameter
  • Angle
  • Area
  • Path length
  • Annotation
  • Cross hair
  • Calibration

Measurement Results:

  • Save with image as jpg
  • Export out to Excel

Measurements on computer with USB2.0 connection

HD60 digital USB microscope measurement software screen 1

Easy to use with mouse clicks to measure all dimensions on computer

Measurement Software Video Demonstration


Capture Images and Video to SD Card

  • Documentation, workmanship standard, training, communication
  • Built in SD card
  • Capturing images and video to SD card without a computer, less IT support
  • Run with or without a computer

Caltex digital USB microscope SD card logo


Polarizer (Polarizing Filter) for controlling surface glare (POL-RL)

Learn more about Polarizer


Zoom Magnification 2x -270x

  • Standard zoom 6x – 45x with 10x eye pieces included
  • Additional Eye Pieces: 15x, 20x, 25x and 30x
  • Expand to 2x – 270x

Eye Pieces for STZ-45


Long Working Distance for soldering and rework

  • 92mm working distance standard
  • 117mm with 0.75x auxiliary lens
  • 177mm with 0.5x auxiliary lens
  • Auxiliary Lens to expand zoom: 0.3x, 0.5x, 075x, 1.5x, 2x.

Auxiliary Lens to expand zoom


Perfect for Medical Device and PCB Soldering


Popular Model Configurations

STZ-45-HD60L12-BS stereo zoom digital USB microscope with HD camera and retina display

STZ-45-HD60L12-BS with Ultra Sharp Retina Display and Boom Stand

STZ-45-HD60L12-TSBL stereo zoom digital USB microscope with HD camera and retina display

STZ-45-HD60L12-TSBL with Retina Display and Track Stand Back Lighting

1080p HD camera Trinocular stereo zoom microscope perfect for medical device and PCB

STZ-45-HD60-BS with desktop LCD-24 and boom stand

Dual goose neck LED spot lights

STZ-45-HD60-PS with Dual goose neck LED spot lights and LCD-24

Key Features

  • TRUE trinocular stereo zoom microscope system, view on eye pieces and HD camera at the same time
  • 1080p HD camera real time viewing on LCD
  • Capture image to micro SD without a computer
  • Measurement software included for PC when connected with USB
  • Microscopes zoom expandable 2x to 270x with eye pieces and objective lenses
  • 45º angle eye piece and 360º rotation on microscope body for ergonomic inspection
  • Parfocal zoom for easy operation and focusing
  • Vivid, detailed, high resolution image quality
  • Great depth of field, wide visual field, and stereoscopic view for easy inspection and less eye fatigues
  • LED ring light with intensity control standard
  • Fiber optic lighting, back lighting, and dual goose neck LED spot lights available
  • Mount on post stand, track stand, boom stand and articulating arm stand



  • Day-to-day inspection for electronic manufacturing, small medical devices, research & development, QC, industrial in general
  • Capturing images and video for documentation with camera attached
  • Non-Contact Measurement of critical dimensions
  • Medical device
  • Surface mount technology, soldering rework, training, PCB soldering inspection
  • Wire harnass
  • Material & metal
  • R & D



STZ-45 stereo zoom microscope specifications 13


SZ-45 stereo zoom microscope options 13

Magnification Chart (Magnification and Field Of View)

Caltex Stereo Zoom Microscope STZ45 SZ45 magnification chart specifications


Model Lineup

Choices of stands and lighting options for stereo zoom microscopes



$3,000 price range Get Price Quote

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