3D Solder Paste Inspection Measurement System


3D solder paste inspection measuring system - manual (SPI-300-3D)

3D solder paste inspection measuring system (SPM-300-3D)

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Caltex 3D solder paste inspection measurement system is the low-cost, entry level, QC solution for paste printing process. One system with two functions: solder paste height measurement and 3D inspection for solder paste and solder joint inspection. With zoom 50x-300x, the SPI-300-3D is capable of measuring height or depth down to 0.001″, plus measuring solder mask, trace, pads, pitch and through holes. When inspection is called for, 3D rotational inspection with 50x-300x zoom provides real-time view of solder paste, solder joint, component, connector, trace, and all SMT devices. The system is both economical and easy to use for any SMT production people. This tool is ideal for measuring solder paste to gain better printing process as well as quality inspection for post re-flow solder joints.

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  • real time 3D solder paste inspection view
  • zoom 50x-300x for inspection of solder paste, solder joint, stencil, and components
  • high resolution megapixel USB camera
  • laser light for triangulation method for paste height measurement
  • includes measurement functions of XY distance, radius, diameter, area, angle
  • high accuracy measurement with 2 micron accuracy
  • low cost, easy to use, no programming required
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SPI-200-3D: Manual Solder Paste Inspection System, $8,000 range.

SPI-3000-Auto3D: Automated Solder Paste Inspection System, bench-top off-line, $35,000 range.

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 Under $10,000 price range

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