AF-HD Auto Focus HD Digital Microscope System

$995 Price Range Get Price Quote 6x-130x Auto Focus

Inline PCB board inspection over conveyor

AD-HD-AA auto focus digital microscope for inline PCB inspection

AD-HD-AA auto focus digital microscope for inline PCB inspection

Extended articulating arm stand perfect for inline PCB board inspection without bending over

  • Remote Control for focusing and camera adjustment
  • Auto and manual focusing
  • Watch LCD at line of sight, no need to bend over for eye pieces

AUTO FOCUSALLTE-03900-scanner icon

  • Continuous Auto Focus
  • One Step Auto Focus
  • Locked Focus

Wide Zoom Range

  • 6x-130x Zoom

1080p Full HD Caltex 1080p HD digital USB microscope logo

  • 1920 x 1080p Full HD
  • 60 frames per second Real-Time
  • 2MP Image Sensor with Wide Dynamic Range, noise reduction, and image stabilization technologies
  • Superb image resolution

Remote Control

  • Focus
  • Zoom
  • White Balance
  • Exposure
  • LED Lighting
  • Shutter
  • Contrast

AF-HD Remote Control

AF-HD connection diagram

Post Stand

  • Post Stand and Focus Block included as complete system
  • Perfect for bench top inspection
  • Multi-tilting angles for viewing at any angles

AF-HD digital microscope with multi tilting angle viewing

Interchangeable Lens 

  • 4x Lens (6x-130x Zoom Range)
  • 10x Lens (250x-500x Zoom Range)
  • Long Working Distance 4x Lens

AF-HD x Lens



  • Real-time online PCB inspection over convey belt production line
  • Perfect for Mobile Phone repair
  • PCB Rework, Soldering, and Inspection
  • Medical Devices Inspection
  • Precision Machining Parts
  • Ergonomic





 Camera Sensor  1920 x 1080p Full HD 2MP CMOS
 Frame Rate  60 frames per second
 Magnification Range  6x to 130x
 Working Distance  22.5mm to 225mm
 Lighting  Built in 30 LED ring lights with intensity control
 Outputs  HDMI 1080p
 Auto Focus  Continuous, One Step, Off.
 Control  IR Remote Control
 Dimensions  106mm x 152mm
 Weight  5.5 lbs / 2.5 Kg
 Power  DC 5V/2A input with 180cm cable
 Post Stand  Post stand with focus and multi-angle viewing mounting included


 LCD-12  Ultra Sharp 12″ Retina Display HD LCD Display with HDMI input
 LCD-24  1920 x 1080p Full HD LCD Display with HDMI and RGB inputs
 AF-AA  Articulating Arm Stand for AF-HD, with clamp opening of 3cm to 12cm (1.2″ to 4.7″)
 AF-10x  10x Obective Lens for AF-HD. Provides 250x-500x Zoom, 7.7mm to 4.5mm Working Distance
 AF-4x  4x Objective Lens for AF-HD is included as standard package
 AF-CM  Capture & Measurement Option: Capture image, Video record, Measurement. For AF-HD
 AF-CA  Capture Option: Capture image. For AF-HD


  • AF-HD microscope main unit
  • 4x Lens
  • Remote Control
  • AC Power Adapter
  • Mini-HDMI cable
  • User Manual
  • Post Stand with Focus Control


Magnification Chart

 Standard 4x Objective Lens

Working Distance (inch)

Working Distance (mm)

Field Of View (inch)

Field Of View (mm)


 18  457  3.2  81  6x
 12  305  2.1  53  9x
 10  254  1.8  45  10x
 6  152  1  25  18x
 4  102  0.7  18  27x
 3  76  0.5  13  35x
 2  51  0.3  7.6  50x
 1  25  0.15  3.8  130x


 Optional 10x Objective Lens

Working Distance (mm)

Field Of View (mm)


 10  2.3  200x
 9  2  240x
 8  1.6  300x
 7  1.3  360x
 6  1.1  430x

*Magnification based on 22″ LCD Display


$995 Price Range Get Price Quote Auto Focus