VMS-840XY video measurement system

Non-Contact CMM Video Measurement System (VMS-840XY)

Measuring X-Y 8″ x 4″ at 1 micron resolution

High precision measurement with Auto Edge Detection, VMS-840XY is the modern video measurement system combining optical comparator, digital microscope, non-contact inspection measurement system in one system for day to day precision metrology needs. With this affordable system you can perform what optical comparator does & video inspection can do all in one updated system with modern software & computer.

  • Video Comparator = Optical Comparator + Digital Microscope
  • Non-Contact Measurement with Auto Edge Detection for ease of use and precision
  • First article inspection and image capturing for documentation


Auto Edge Detection

Automatic one-click to measure with auto edge detection

Programmable Repeatable Measurements


Key Features

  • Non-contact CMM, computer driven video measurement system
  • 8″ x 4″ XY measurement with 1 micron resolution
  • Auto edge detection software for one click measurement
  • high resolution color digital camera 1.3 mega pixel (1280×1024)
  • zoom magnification 30x-200x with detents
  • manual Z axis focus with fine focus control & locking
  • integrated LED ring light with segments control, computer control
  • integrated LED back light, computer control
  • quick manual measurement with DRO digital readout
  • XY stage movement with turning dial for fine movement, and quick release for fast movement




  • medical device
  • machining part
  • reverse engineering
  • PCB printed circuit bare board
  • metal, plastic, extrusion
  • semiconductor
  • high precision measurement


Screen Shots



VMS-840XY specifications


Video Measurement System. Non-Contact Video Comparator Measuring System

Video Measurement System. Non-Contact Video Comparator Measuring System (VMS-840XY)


$9,950 Price range Get Price Quote Download Brochure


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