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Quick Comparison of different HD models >  
New 4K Camera  New Auto Focus HD USB Camera 
4K and Auto Focus camera available on VIP-50, LX-70, LX-100, STZ-45, VZM-200, CX-3000 models


LCD Microscope Retina Display LX-100

Digital HD USB microscope Retina Display LX-100-HD60L12-BS



  • 15x-100x zoom lens, up to 1x-2,000x
  • Infinity Depth of Focus
  • Photo Stitching
  • Dimension Measurement





New LCD Digital Microscope all-in-one


  • 5x to 55x Magnification
  • All-in-one design. 3.5 MegaPixel HD + USB camera
  • 12.5″ LCD, Magic Arm Stand
  • Capture Image, Record Video, Measurement


Learn More about BX3-HD


VIP-50 Wi-Fi microscope

VIP-50 WiFi digital microscope

  1x to 50x Zoom

  Wi-Fi stream to multiple iPad, iPhone, PC simultaneously

  Measurement APP and software included

Learn More about VIP-50-WiFi


Auto Focus HD Microscope


Auto Focus Inspection

  1x to 50x Zoom, Auto/Manual Focus

  1920x1080p Full HD, Real-Time

  Capture Image and Video



Auto Focus Large Area Inspection

Auto Focus (AX-2)

 Motorized Zoom 0-22x

 Large Area Inspection

 12″ to 1″ Inspection Area



Stereo Microscope with Retina Display

STZ-45-HD60L12-BS stereo zoom digital USB microscope with HD camera and retina display

Auto-Focus Stereo Microscope

3D vivid bright image, Professional Quality for Industrial Inspection

6x – 45x zoom, up to 1x -270x

Retina Display, Capture, Measurement

Binocular Stereo Zoom Microscope (SZ-45) >

Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope (STZ-45) >


Low Cost Complete HD Digital Microscope

EX80 Digital Microscope Measurement System PCB SMT


Low Cost


HDMI & USB2.0 Dual Output



Auto Focus AF-HD

Auto Focus (AF-HD)

  Full 1080p HD

  6x-130x Zoom


CMM Vision Measurement System VMS-200XYZ

XYZ Measurement

Non-contact Vision Measuring


VMS series – Manual Stage with Auto Edge Detection


AMS series – Automated Programmable Measurement 



OMNI All-In-One Auto Focus


Auto Focus

Measurement with auto calibration

Wide Field of View



Auto Focus HD

Auto Focus

  Full 1080p HD

  Wide zoom 1x upto 120x

AX-T > Table Top

AX-A > Extend Arm

Auto Focus HD Video Inspection System with wide zoom range


Handheld Digital Microscope


Auto Focus

Run on battery

  • Capture image
  • Measure

HDM-4.3 >

Handheld digital microscope with LCD for portability


3D BGA Inspection

3D BGA Inspection System RX-100-BGA


90 degree view into BGA solder joints

3D rotational view of soldering

3D BGA Inspection


3D Rotation HD Microscope

3D Digital Microscope CX-3000-DS20-PSXY for hybride inspection 50x-300x

3D Rotation

Full 1080p HD & USB microscope

RX-100 >

  • 15x-100x
  • manual rotation

CX-3000 >

  • 50x-300x
  • motorized rotation


3D Solder Paste Inspection

3D Solder Paste Inspection Measurement System

3D Solder Paste Inspection

  • Laser line triangulation for paste height measurement
  • Low cost, bench top unit
  • 3D live inspection of solder paste

SPI-200-3D >

SPM-300-3D >

SPI-3000-3D >


Many thanks to our customers

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