Quick Comparison of different HD models >

Digital HD Microscope Retina Display LX-100

Digital HD USB microscope Retina Display LX-100-HD60L12-BS

HD Retina Display

15x-100x zoom, up to 1x-2,000x

  Capture image, video

  Dimension Measurements

  Powerful, modular, expandable

LX-100 >

VIP-50 >

Add Polarizer to remove surface glare on LX-100, VIP-50 and STZ-45

Learn more about Polarizer

CMM Vision Measurement System VMS-200XYZ

XYZ Measurement

Non-contact Vision Measuring

  Customized platforms and sizes

  Manual & Automated

VZM-200 >

VMS-200XYZ for CMM >

All VMS Overview >


Stereo Microscope with Retina Display

STZ-45-HD60L12-BS stereo zoom digital USB microscope with HD camera and retina display

Stereo Microscope

3D vivid bright image, Professional Quality for Industrial Inspection

6x – 45x zoom, up to 1x -270x

Camera, Retina Display, Capture, Measurement

Binocular Stereo Zoom Microscope (SZ-45) >

Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope (STZ-45) >

Low Cost Complete HD Digital Microscope

EX80 Digital Microscope Measurement System PCB SMT


Low Cost


HDMI & USB2.0 Dual Output


OMNI All-In-One Auto Focus


Auto Focus

Measurement with auto calibration

Wide Field of View


Auto Focus HD Microscope

Fast Auto Focus

1x to 50x Zoom

1920x1080p Full HD Image

Capture Image and Video


Auto Focus AF-HD

Auto Focus (AF-HD)

  Full 1080p HD

  6x-130x Zoom


Auto Focus HD

Auto Focus

  Full 1080p HD

  Wide zoom 1x upto 120x

AX-T > Table Top

AX-A > Extend Arm

Auto Focus HD Video Inspection System with wide zoom range

Handheld Digital Microscope


Auto Focus

Run on battery

  • Capture image
  • Measure

HDM-4.3 >

Handheld digital microscope with LCD for portability

3D BGA Inspection

3D BGA Inspection System RX-100-BGA


90 degree view into BGA solder joints

3D rotational view of soldering

3D BGA Inspection

3D Rotation HD Microscope

3D Digital Microscope CX-3000-DS20-PSXY for hybride inspection 50x-300x

3D Rotation

Full 1080p HD & USB microscope

RX-100 >

  • 15x-100x
  • manual rotation

CX-3000 >

  • 50x-300x
  • motorized rotation

3D Solder Paste Inspection

3D Solder Paste Inspection Measurement System

3D Solder Paste Inspection

  • Laser line triangulation for paste height measurement
  • Low cost, bench top unit
  • 3D live inspection of solder paste

SPI-200-3D >

SPM-300-3D >

SPI-3000-3D >

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