High Power Video Zoom Inspection Measurement System (VZM-2000HP)

VZM-2000HP DS20

High Power 30x-2,000x Zoom Coaxial and Ring Lighting HD Image and Measurement IC/Wafer, Metallurgic, metal, plastic
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High Power Zoom Inspection System 30x-2,000x

  • 30x-200x on standard zoom lens
  • Add on interchangeable high power 10x infinity objective lens for 300x-2,000x in seconds
  • Expandable zoom to 7x-10,000x with additional adapter lenses
  • Real-Time Direct Viewing on Computer and LCD
  • Perfect for IC wafer, metallurgic, cross section applications

Infinity Corrected Objective Lenses, Long Working Distance:

Combining high numerical aperture with exceptional field flatness, Apochromatic Optics virtually eliminate chromatic aberration. Optimized for coaxial illumination and super LONG working distance.

  • HL-5x, 5x Long Working Distance M Plan APO, NA 0.14, 34mm WD.
  • HL-10x, 10x Long Working Distance M Plan APO, NA 0.30, 34mm WD.
  • HL-20x, 20x Long Working Distance M Plan APO, NA 0.42, 20mm WD.
  • HL-50x, 50x Long Working Distance M Plan APO, NA 0.55, 13mm WD.

Infinity Corrected Objective Lenses, High-Resolution High NA:

High Resolution versions feature exceptional numerical apertures to deliver maximum resolution with long working distance. Versatile integration and optimized for coaxial illumination provide unmatching details.

  • HR-5x, 5x Long Working Distance High-Resolution, NA 0.225, 34mm WD.
  • HR-10x, 10x Long Working Distance High-Resolution, NA 0.45, 19mm WD.
  • HR-20x, 20x Long Working Distance High-Resolution, NA 0.60, 13mm WD.

High Power Infinity Corrected Objective Lenses



VZM-2000HP offers combination of coaxial and ring lighting for perfect illumination of characterizing your parts.

  • Coaxial LED Lighting for Bright Field Imaging with intensity control
  • Ring LED Lighting for Dark Field Imaging with intensity control

Coaxial Lighting

VZM-2000HP coaxial light on IC

Combination of Coaxial and Ring Lighting

VZM-2000HP ring and coaxial light on IC

Ring Lighting

VZM-2000HP ring light on IC


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  • Powerful zoom 30x-2,000x, expandable to 7x-8,000x
  • Flexible lighting with ring and coaxial LED illumination
  • Direct real-time viewing on computer
  • Easy mouse click to perform dimensional measurements
  • Perfect for IC wafer, metallurgic, metal & plastic applications that high magnification and wide zoom are required.
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Key Features

  • Easy to use, high definition digital microscope system
  • 2.0 Mega Pixel Digital Color camera 1600×1200 resolution for high definition image
  • Direct connect to computer for image viewing, capturing, documentation, and measurement
  • Powerful zoom 30x-2,000x with detents
  • Interchangeable objective lenses to expand zoom range from 1x up to 4,000x.
  • Long working distance
  • Built-in coaxial lighting for bright field lighting, ring light for dark field imaging
  • Measurement software for X-Y, Radius, Diameter, Angle, Area, Path length dimensional measurements
  • Perfect Focus to create image with infinite depth of focus
  • Measurement result export to Excel or saved as JPG, PNG, BMP format.
  • Low cost, all-inclusive system, ready to plug into your Windows 7 computer
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VZM-2000HP HD60LCD24

VZM-2000HP-HD60L24 with 1080p HD digital USB camera and 24″ LCD



VZM-2000HP-HD60L12 with 1080p HD digital USB camera and ultra sharp 12″ Retina Display HD LCD