XY video measurement system 8″x4″

Inexpensive, high precision XY manual digital video measuring system with color digital camera and computer, track post with fine focus. VMS-840 is an easy-to-use, powerful video based 2-axis manual measuring system. 3M digital camera. The ultra-large image without compression and conversion greatly improves the sub-pixel accuracy and throughput. The software selectable resolution balances the speed and resolution.

The basic system uses DMS1500 dimensional measurement and imaging software. The software is very easy-to-use and provides functions for broad applications. Such as measurement, inspection, comparison, annotation, image capture and documentation. Optional DMS-3000 software is designed for video manual measuring system with edge detection and part programming. It provides full video CMM measuring capability and is easy-to-learn. The stage mapping capability greatly improves the system measurement accuracy. The software also provides broad imaging functions to have a value added on the system.

Key Features

  • Color digital camera 3M (2048×1536 resolution)
  • 8 x 4 inch XY travel measurement
  • 10 inch track post with fine focus
  • 1 um linear encoder on XY
  • quick manual measurement with DRO digital readout and software measurement on computer
  • Navitar 6.5X detent zoom (0.75x-4.5x)
  • Zoom magnification 30x-200x
  • Manual LED ring light and back light
  • Dell computer with 22 inch LCD & Windows 7 OS included